Oreo Accolade

13 Jul

Dear Sir or Madam:

Zion is located somewhere in between those two chocolate cookies

My purpose in this letter is plain and simple: to state bluntly how much I absolutely adore the Oreo cookie. For me, it is the highlight of my night when I have the pleasure of dunking the sacred treat into a chilled glass of milk right before I go to bed. Providing sensual comforts akin to gourmet, the Oreo cookie embraces me with an ecstasy imbued with purely artistic flavor. Without fail, every night’s sleep that is preceded by this beauteous gustatory ritual features the most wonderful dreams. In my experience, Oreos are always antecedent to a sound slumber.

In addition to bed-time snacks, Oreos can be used in many other situations. Ice cream sundaes, for example, are most delicious when they feature freshly crushed Oreos. While on the topic of desserts, it should also be noted that Oreo pies make any holiday get-together unique and interesting. Not only does one taste the sweet tang of pie, but also one may discover the delicious crunch of an Oreo pie crust, one of my favorite products. Such a versatile cookie, the Oreo is simple and yet delectable, eye-catching and yet not gaudy. Essentially, the Oreo cookie has integrity far superior to all others; it goes without saying that the treat is a savory sensation.

No matter how perfect the cookie is in my opinion, no snack is too arrogant to accept suggestions. And having already declared the integrity of this particular cookie, arrogance is a non-issue, but nevertheless, the statement is still valid. One quirk to add as a limited time offer might be to sell multicolored Oreo sandwiches of every color combination! Not only would this increase publicity for my beloved treat, increasing awareness and appreciation, but it would also make a more visually appealing option by providing an alternative to the classic black and white. Just some food for thought. No pun intended!

Robert Covey

One Response to “Oreo Accolade”

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