8 May

Notorious douchemongrel Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his victory in the 2005 May Heinous tournament, after his chosen team of Erik the Red/Benito Mussolini upset Cecil Rhodes/Che Guevara

The time is now, America!  Brackets for the May Heinous tournament are due at midnight!  Read the previews and make your choices carefully!  Remember what eternal glory awaits you; past winners of the Morty Schapiro Cup have changed the world in wondrous ways.  Enter into this timeless tradition, and give yourself the chance to win an award more prestigious than the Nobel Peace Prize.  Win this tournament and you’ll be part of an exclusive group consisting of such figures as Rod Blagojevich, Grigory Rasputin, Simon Bolivar, and Atilla the Hun!  Apply HERE and e-mail your bracket to!  Reminder that the deadline is Midnight CST on today, May 8th, the Year of our Lord.  Good luck!

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