A line-by-line translation and analysis of Psy’s “Oppan Gangnam Style”

23 Sep


Holy shit, is that a foreign language on the radio? Or is someone doing a poor imitation of Creed’s speech impediment?


Dear radio: making fun of speech impediments is not politically correct anymore. Ugh, I thought we’d come further than this! Once I finish driving home I’m going to make myself a cocktail of vodka and facepalm.


……………………..Holy shit, that IS a foreign language!




Now if we could just get “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” off the air, we’d practically be England.


And if my brain and that second thought in all-caps could never ever ever ever get back together, that’d probably be good for humanity too.



MAN, do I feel hip to the open mind!  This must be what pot would feel like if my body would ever let me successfully get high!


Stupid THC receptors. Or whatever. You make vodka and facepalm the only thing that will alter my mental state.


If this song is like a drug, is it addictive? Is it legal to market and consume in the United States? Most drug bans were influenced by racism….so since we haven’t had a drug ban that targets Koreans, is it only a matter of time?


Yes, no, and fuck-we-better-get-our-fix-while-we-still-can.

아름다워사랑스러워, 그래(hey!) 그래바로(hey!)

Oh look, a lyric I can understand!

아름다워사랑스러워, 그래 (hey!) 그래바로(hey!) 지금부터데까지가볼까

murmurmurmurmur HEY murmurmurmur HEY.

오빤강남스타일, 강남스타일


오빤강남스타일, 강남스타일



What is Gangnam-style, anyways?

Eh- Sexy Lady, 오빤강남스타일

Oh, this song must be about sexual attraction!  This highly relatable theme almost certainly contributes to its universality.

Eh- Sexy Lady, 에에에에에에

Can I analyze this for my next music theory project? OH WAIT. I’m a junior, I don’t have to take music theory anymore! Best mood ever!


So should I begin learning the lyrics syllable by syllable and pretend I know what they mean?


Or should I just croak the approximate melodic line with all the clarity of Tommy Wiseau underwater and hope that nobody notices?


Definitely the latter.


Because after enough quality bonding time at Sherman Ave HQ shots, nobody can understand anyone anyways.  Mushmouth singing, here I come.


This song could probably have the lyrical insight of Mmmbop and no one in the Western world would be the wiser.


Okay, we can cut Hanson a break. Not every kid’s got poetry skills on par with Mattie Stepanek.


And if your hair is longer than your dick, you deserve sympathy, not derision.


But this guy sounds like his balls have probably dropped long ago. Wait…if his lyrics turn out to suck, we can cut him a break because he’s bilingual* and therefore definitely intelligent!

아름다워사랑스러워, 그래(hey!) 그래바로(hey!)

Whoa-ah-oh-ah, it’s International Love.

아름다워사랑스러워, 그래 (hey!) 그래바로(hey!) 지금부터데까지가볼까

Only I bet none of the collaborators on this song ever physically abused aforementioned “Sexy Lady.”


뛰는위에나는, baby baby, 나는아는

La La La La La.

뛰는위에나는, baby baby, 나는아는

La La La La Laaaaa.

You know what I’m saying

…No. No, I don’t. But I don’t even care.


*Yes, “baby baby” and “sexy lady” count as bilingual.

Well, do you know how to turn someone on in another language?

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