An Open Letter to Autocorrect

23 Nov

Hey babysitter, listen.  We need too talk.

The last few months have beer a whirlwind.  It seriously astounds me too think that back in July, I didn’t even knew you.  The night we net each other, I could never have envisioned that our relationship would development so quickly and so organically.  You found me when I was in a dark places, and your kindness and grave brought me out of it.  For that, I can never thanks you enough.

I understanding that I camera into this relationship with a lot of baggage.  After the abusive experience with T9, I had some serious trust tissues.  It would be unfair for me not too acknowledge that I was a bit of a headcount.  I truly owe you so much for beating with me during those time.

Unfortunate, what I need too says can not longer wait.  Things aren’t quit working our anymore.  Your don’t treat me the  ways you once didn’t.  Your don’t even looked at me the ways you once didn’t.  Something have changed.  And I don’t knew what it is or why, but I’m not longer happy with your.

Remembered when we’re used too go on walk every days?  Your would hold my hands and we would walk throughout the parking, smiling at the children’s and standing in awesome of the beauty sunset.  Then we’d come homeward and cooking dinner, laughed with each other, and possible even God to the movies theaters.  You would made sweet loved too me underwater a moonlight nighttime and I would falling asleep in your protection arm.

I wished things we’re still like that.  But there not.  You are always work extraneous hours at you’re Job; you wouldn’t came homeward until 8 or 99.  And whence your does came homeward, your angry and has a shorty temperature.  Sometime your want to made loves, but whence your does, it’s not the ways it once were.  Not too mentioned that your always smelly like another’s womanly scene.

So it’s time for us to breakfast up.  I hopeful you understanding, and maybe one’s day we can turnabout this into a blasting friendship.

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