Freshmen in Search for the Kegs in Kellogg

14 Dec
And a cover band. No joke, a goddamn Kellogg cover band.

And a cover band. No joke, a goddamn Kellogg cover band.

EVANSTON — During an impromptu sporcle and boxed wine session Friday night in Willard Hall, freshmen Kurt Friedman and Alec Blomquist decided to search for the supposed kegs brought in on Fridays to the Kellogg building for graduate students.

They heard rumors of the kegs from a sophomore in Plex who stated, “There’s probably, like, 6 goddamn kegs up there. Hell, maybe even some drunk grad students there ready to scrump.”

It is confirmed that they made it to Kellogg, but they appeared to be sobering up while looking for an open entrance. Friedman’s high school girlfriend, Amy Collins, told reporters that she received a text around 2 am reading, “im in t4 steam tunelz!” An Apple Maps dropped pin places them somewhere near Swift Hall and simultaneously in a hardware store in Dawsonville, Alabama.

There is no word as to their ability to enter the Kellogg building. It is confirmed that the kegs were removed from the building at 7pm that evening.

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