New Theme Restaurant to Open in Plex

21 Dec
Interrogation Rooms designed to feel just like EPD HQ.

Interrogation Rooms designed to feel just like EPD HQ.

EVANSTON — In response to revenue losses from the opening of Rick Bayless’ Frontera Fresco in the Norris University Center, Northwestern University food services, nuCuisine, will be opening a specialty restaurant inside Foster-Walker Complex.  The new restaurant, named “Third Degree,” is inspired by intense police dramas and will specialize in hard-boiled foods.  The Theme Restaurant is set to open by the end of January shortly after students return for winter quarter.

“Third Degree” will serve made-to-order dishes ranging from eggs and root vegetables to overcooked soups and soggy meat.  “We had to start thinking more extensively about how to increase our profit margins beyond pasta and stir-fry,” explained the catering sales director of nuCuisine, Graziella Everrett, “We did this by building upon our cooking techniques we know people love being stuck with at twice the price.”

James Woodruf has overseen the conversion of Foster Dining Hall into a dining experience modeled after the interrogation rooms and Sergeant’s offices of a police department. The construction has been on schedule, though construction delays may keep people from easily maneuvering through Plex for the rest of the quarter.  Students will order on the “Detective’s Side,” then wait 30-45 minutes for their food to be prepared before dining on the other side of a two way mirror in the “Interrogation Room” under heat lamps taken from the now defunct Norris Sbarro Pizza.

Woodruf mentioned that discounts would be given to students who present citations for public urination, noise violations, or those with the personal phone numbers of Burger King security guards.

One Response to “New Theme Restaurant to Open in Plex”

  1. AJ December 21, 2012 at 1:32 pm #

    it’s fine, the heat lamps from sbarro don’t actually heat up

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