NU Suffers Through Three-Day Bowl Victory Drought

4 Jan
Fitz called the bowl win drought "incredible disappointing."

Fitz called the bowl win drought “heinous.”

The Northwestern Wildcats, following their 34-20 win over the Mississippi State Bulldogs on New Year’s Day, are enduring a historic three-day bowl win drought.

“It’s something we’re going to have to work on, go ‘Cats,” NU coach Pat Fitzgerald said. “Obviously it’s tough when you go 72 hours without winning a bowl game and we know our fans are disappointed, go ‘Cats. But we’ll keep working and trying to get that monkey off our back, go ‘Cats.”

NU went 64 years between the school’s two bowl wins, meaning that the three-day drought is the second longest in school history. Athletic Director Jim Phillips said he understands the frustration he’s heard from fans since the ‘Cats leg-humped Mississippi State for three hours on national television, but urged Wildcat fans to be patient.

“Obviously the goal is to win a bowl game every day,” Phillips said. “That’s the goal for every team. But sometimes that just isn’t feasible.”

Phillips stressed that officials from both the Sugar and Fiesta Bowls repeatedly refused to allow NU to even take the field. He said the ‘Cats are hopeful they’ll be allowed to participate in Friday’s Cotton Bowl after explaining to bowl representatives that they are Chicago’s Big Ten Team.

“We understand that we weren’t technically ‘invited’ to ‘play’ in any of these games,” Phillips said. “We weren’t ‘invited’ to dye Lake Michigan purple either but that’s not going to stop us.”

Coach Fitz accepted blame for the bowl victory drought, but promised to end it as soon as he gets his voice back.

“It’s tough to win games once the season’s over, go ‘Cats,” Fitzgerald said, wheezing heavily and making it difficult to tell if he was crying or just unable to speak after screaming for hours. “The Gator Bowl was fun but our fans expect us to deliver every day, go ‘Cats. If it means playing every single mediocre SEC team, then that’s what we’ll do, go ‘Cats. Go ‘Cats.”

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