Jennifer Lawrence Snubbed by the Grammy’s

9 Feb


In a move likely to end the long-running awards show’s credibility, Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly not been nominated for a single Grammy.

Officials from the Grammy’s confirmed that Hollywood “it-girl” and all-around “slampiece” J-Law was snubbed for all of Sunday evening’s awards because APPARENTLY there aren’t categories for perfectness, breast shape or ability to give down to earth and fun interviews. Sux, rite?

“We’re not sure how this slipped through the cracks,” Recording Academy President Neil Portnow said. “But rest assured that next year, Jennifer will be nominated for all of the awards and I bet she’ll win them too cause she’s great.”

The high-profile snub of Lawrence is seen as a major gaffe by the award show, and sponsors are already beginning to pull out. But not the like highly ineffective contraceptive type of pulling out. The type of pulling out that means companies don’t want to be associated with this SHAM of an awards show.



Supporters of Lawrence have been quick to criticize the Grammy’s for failing to include Our Beloved in their nominations.

“I will find out who is responsible for this. And I will make them feel pain. Most likely with fire,” Harvey Weinstein said.

For her part, Lawrence appears to be handling the stunning snub with her typical grace, class, humor, bangability, and wit.

“Whatever, I’ll just lie in bed naked and eat ice cream,” Lawrence said.

The actress was very adamant that no one from this publication would be allowed to attend The Naked Ice Cream Eating of 2013 and asked repeatedly that we stop following her into the bathroom.

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