Review: The Welcome, “Bicentennial”

4 Mar

Bringing hidden tracks back like it's 1993.

Bringing hidden tracks back like it’s 1993.

Perennial Friends of the Ave The Welcome have released a new EP, and we cannot stop listening to it.

“Bicentennial” is the latest in a long line of The Welcome’s EPs, including 2012’s “Honey, Honey” and a series of seven EPs released once-a-month in 2011. Bicentennial comprises a collection of songs that represent the logical progression of the band’s prior work, managing to sound smart, hip, rocking, and undeniably cool without coming off as overtly trying to embody any of those attributes.

Frontman Gehring Miller’s lyrics have always been smart, but the most compelling facet of The Welcome has been listening to how the band’s other members — Sarah Johnson, Jonah Kort, and Jacob Karbin — bring Miller’s lyrics to fruition. Bicentennial’s songs are frenetic, but transition seamlessly from one theme to another as they showcase each member’s considerable musical chops melding together into one cohesive whole.

Bicentennial’s first track, “Amplifier Blues,” illustrates what The Welcome are capable of when firing on all cylinders. It is impossible to get enough of the interplay between Miller and Johnson’s voices as the band authoritatively moves from riff to hook and back again. Karbin and Kort lock down the groove, and what’s that!? KEYBOARDS! Kickass.

The rest of the EP continues in a similar manner, showcasing the individual talents of each member, from Karbin’s bass introduction in “Curriculum” to Gehring’s solo on “The Colossal Sound,” a distorted shredding that swaggers unlike anything prior in The Welcome’s discography. Bicentennial has the charm to reward an initial listen with the depth to keep us coming back for another play.

The Welcome have accomplished one key to success in the music world: frequently producing high quality content. Bicentennial is a testament to The Welcome’s ability to produce a great collection of well-written and masterfully-performed songs, as well as a promise for what’s to come.

Overall Rating: Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips — delicious and utterly irresistible

“Bicentennial” is available for digital download HERE

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