We’ll Miss You, NU Intel

6 Mar
RIP, free thinking Medilldos

This took 45 seconds to make.

Dearly Departed,
It is with a heavy heart and somber praise that we raise our bottles of Smirnoff Ice to you, dearest NU Intel, to express our regret that you have decided to terminate publishing next Friday.

We’ll miss you, NU Intel. How will we know what parties the journalism kids went to this weekend now? How will we be righteously pissed when we aren’t picked for the weekly installment of Person You Ought To Know? And how the HELL are we going to find out what NU students like to pretend they’ve done in bed?

Four years ago, you promised a new way of curating the experiences of student-life and campus culture, and you delivered. Throughout our undergraduate experience, NU Intel has been an important journalistic presence in Northwestern’s online community. We thank you for demonstrating the innovative ways that campus media could reflect and serve Northwestern. Evanston is home to a diverse array of voices, and we will miss yours.

From one hein-daddy publication to another, thanks for all that you have done for the Northwestern student community. That Keg video wasn’t awful.

Oh, and that case race challenge still stands.

Evander Jones, Sir Edward Twattingworth III, and Ross Packingham
Sherman Ave co-Editors-in-Chief

One Response to “We’ll Miss You, NU Intel”

  1. Chuck Rollet March 6, 2013 at 4:18 pm #

    Old soldiers never die… they just fade away. RIP, NU intel

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