33 Things That Go Through the Mind of a Northwestern Student (Almost) Every Day

12 Mar
Who writes for Sherman Ave, and why?

Who writes for Sherman Ave, and why?

1) Weather.com said it was going to be 15 degrees warmer than this. 15 FUCKING DEGREES.

2) Wait so…is this shuttle even coming?

3) Oh yeah I forgot there’s construction on this path OH GODDAMNIT NOW THERE’S CONSTRUCTION ON THIS ONE TOO.

4) What the fuck is Frances Searle?

5) I hope there’s more than just grape jolly ranchers in Kellogg.


7) I can skip 9 AM orgo this one time.

8) What do you mean there was a quiz in orgo?

9) Did I hook up with him/her at the Keg?  Should I say hi?  I’m gonna say hi.

10) Fuck, that was awkward.  I’m never walking down Sheridan again.

11) The homeless guy in front of CVS is so MEAN, Jesus.

12) Stop calling them midterms. They’re ‘all the time’-terms.

13) The people at Norbucks know my name. This is an unhealthy relationship.

14) So I’m only buying one more coffee for this exam tomorrow and I’m done.

15) Does anybody read The Daily?  Hah.  No.

16) Why is that guy wearing a kilt…?


18) I wonder what John Michael Bailey is up to these days.

19) I bet if I casually jaywalk across Sheridan, those cars will stop.

20) Damn RIGHT you stopped, cars. Fuck you, cars. I am God.

21) How come I can get wi-fi on the Lakefill but not in fucking Core?

22) I should go into the city more often.

23) I should go to the Keg less often.

24) No, I really don’t want to come to your fucking play, thanks.

25) Should I yell “FUCKSAW” at this tour group?  Yeah, I should.

26) Damn, I should’ve done it.

27) Have I ever seen anyone go into/come out of Slivka?

28) Oh, dayum he/she is hot.

28) Well, he/she WAS. From far away.

29) There literally HAS to be ONE study room open in the library. Right?

30) I’m not going to this discussion section.

31) My friends at state schools are having so much fun.

32) Wait does this TA speak English? Goddamnit this TA doesn’t speak English.

33) I should take Sherman more often.

2 Responses to “33 Things That Go Through the Mind of a Northwestern Student (Almost) Every Day”

  1. brennansuen March 13, 2013 at 1:43 am #

    18. Apparently he is teaching Psych stats next quarter


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