Finals Week in 14 GIFs

13 Mar

Alright. It’s the weekend before finals and you are READY. Time to rock some shit and remind your parents that despite all the getting written up and never going to class that you’re a real student:

But then you see how much reading you skipped for all your classes, and you’re like:

So you start reading, and you realize that holy shit you totally would have loved reading this stuff if you didn’t have to do it all in one night: 

But you do have to do it all in one night. And now it’s 4am. You’re still in the library. Everything is the worst:

And after realizing how fucked you are: 

Two hours later, when you wake up and realize that you’ve only read Chapter 1. Of the wrong book. 

A quick shower and Red Bull later and you’re taking your exam. First question. Aaaaand: 

But pretty soon the exam is done and none of those wrong answers matter: 

And it’s time to drink all of the things. 

Before remembering that you have three more exams. 

But after thoroughly failing all of those, you’re free!

And no one can tell you to do work!
You have ten days to sleep and binge eat ice cream!

Aaaaand then your prof sends out next quarter’s syllabus. There are assignments due the first day.

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