Boyfriend’s Upcoming Mix Tape to Reveal “Darker, Sensitive” Side

22 Mar

A cassette, intended for just such mixtapes, but utterly useless since Brennan was seven.

JOLIET — Matt Brennan has announced details for the release of his second mix tape for Stefanie Kirkpatrick, Brennan’s girlfriend of seven months. According to sources close to Brennan’s decision-making process, the new mix CD will feature approximately 19 songs carefully culled from Brennan’s iTunes collection to exhibit a “darker and more sensitive side” of the local analytics manager to Kirkpatrick.

The mix tape, self-produced by Brennan and complete with album art of an original collage of photographs of the couple and detailed liner notes, is tentatively titled Mix for Stefanie #2 and set for release next month. According to Brennan, the mix tape will be available for a limited time only on compact disc, or flash drive “if, you know, that would make Stefanie’s life easier.”

Industry insiders speculate that Brennan’s release marks an attempt by Kirkpatrick’s boyfriend to ride out the final fumes of their “new relationship excitement” before the summer season.

Brennan’s press release offered further details regarding the tenor of the mix tape:

“Mix for Stefanie #2” is a big step forward for us. My first mix tape for Stef [late November’s “Mix for Stefanie #1”] felt like a contrived attempt to cater to her interests and present an image that just wasn’t me. This new mix offers an uncompromising look at where I come from and how these Cure B-sides have shaped me on a personal level. What’s cultivated here on “Mix for Stefanie #2” may not be the most enjoyable for a casual fan to listen to, but these songs have gotten me through a lot.

Added Brennan, “Also, Stefanie can’t name a single Smiths song. I mean, how messed up is that?”

While the final tracklist remains unknown, Brennan assured reporters that he was hard at work compiling songs that accurately illustrated the more mature theme of the playlist. Yet the process has not always gone smoothly.

“I really struggled for awhile there,” said Brennan. “I mean, what art of other people do I want to represent me more, Counting Crows’ ‘Round Here’ or something a bit more provocative, like Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Under The Bridge?'”

Although Ms. Kirkpatrick declined an interview, she did release a brief statement regarding Brennan’s music taste to her co-workers at Chili’s last night, revealing, “I just don’t know if this relationship is built to last. Tell me, what kind of person likes Depeche Mode that much?”

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