A Review of Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 “The Walk of Punishment” (by Guest Author Timmy Jenkinson, 6th Grade)

15 Apr

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Moreover, Joffrey is a total jerkface

Moreover, Joffrey is a total jerkface


My name is Timmy Jenkinson and this is my report about episode 3 of Game of Thrones this season.  A bunch of really cool stuff happened, Greyjoy escaped and also Robb Stark and a bunch of old people talked to each other about the war.  His wife is kind off ugly.

In another important scene, the fat guy saw a girl give birth tooo a person, it was gross. My dad told me that they have to kill the baby because it’s a man.  Ther’s a rule that those people have that they kill every baby that’s a man.  My dad likes Game of Thrones almost as much as he likes Captain Morgan.  He didn’t say that, but that was my “observation.”

Furthermore, their was another scene with the midget and his fatter friend, a sqwire.  They went into the place Littlefinger owns.  A place my dad calls a “skank coop.”  There were lots of naked girls there.  I remember when that happened, my dad said “yes!!!”  He got really excited in his pants.  According to my count, there were 8 (eight) boobs.  Before I wrote this, I had to commit a sin because I couldn’t stop thinking about them and also the girl who touched her feet to her head.  Its kind of silly but I thought that part was the best part of the episode.  Dad says that sin is called “spanking the monkey.”  Then mom said that he shouldn’t say things like that and that its inappropriate and then dad said that she should shut up because she doesn’t even work.

Hitherto, they’re were more scenes instead of that.  At the end of the episode SPOILERS Jaimie Lannister gets his hand cut of by this guy with a funny mustache.  Then it just ended…it was really dramatic.  I also think it was dramatic because the audience thinks that he was gonna cut his eye out but then he doesn’t, then you think that things are cool.  But then he cut his hand off instead.  It was a good example of “tension” in TV.

I think Game Of Thrones is an important show because it coagulates Science Fiction with dramatic plot-lines that any normal person can watch and really really like!  Also, my dad, whom has watched all of the episodes (even the ones he says I can’t see because there two dirty.) says that i’ts a great show four boys to be boys too.  Than he took a vomit.

To conclude, I think everyone should at least watch one episode of Game of Thrones.  IT is my favourite show and I think that it can be yours to!

Timothy (Timmy) Jenkinson.          

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