Freshman Cites “Delicious Eclairs” In Voting For Benison

16 Apr
It's only phallic if you make it phallic. Or if the caption includes the word "phallic."

It’s only phallic if you make it phallic. Or if the caption includes the word “phallic.”

EVANSTON– Freshman Andrea Mathers said Tuesday she was excited to vote for Benison Choi for ASG president because she believes he will bring the kind of “whipped cream frosting this campus so desperately needs.”

She also insisted that Benison is uniquely qualified for the position because of the experience he brings to the table, particularly as the campus pushes for more diversity.

“I mean, Benison has like 20 different flavors of everything,” Mathers said. “And then there’s pies and cakes and cookies and pastries. It’s seriously the most diverse thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Mathers noted that Benison’s platform also impressed her, including an entire section on “delicious eclairs.”

“I think the red velvet cake is probably my favorite part of his platform,” she said. “But that’s the great thing about Benison: you can try a new thing every time and it’s always delectable.”

She said that Benison could also help serve as a way to draw potential freshmen to NU.

“Benison is definitely one of the best things about Evanston,” Mathers elaborated. “Whenever prospies ask me about living here, I always point out that if you live on South Campus, you’re really only about a five minute walk from Benison.”

The American Diabetes Association has said that it will launch a formal protest of Benison’s campaign.

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