Sherman Ave’s Tour Guide App

18 Apr

Northwestern Tour Guide Applications are due tomorrow. Here’s a copy of one Sherman Ave writer’s last-second application.

7 digit student ID number : 696969!

Attach a picture of yourself to this application


1. Why do you want to be a part of the Tour Guide Community?

From an early age, I have had an insatiable desire to walk backwards while talking to high-achieving high school students and their overbearing parents.

2. What is the coolest lesson that you’ve learned so far at Northwestern?

The lake is cold as fuck.

(Get it??? The COOLEST lesson!)

3. You are re-branding NU! What is the slogan and why?

We’re sorry you got deferred from Yale.

4. What are you next steps after graduation? What will you do with your major/minor/etc.?

HAHAHAHAHAHA. As a Sherman Ave writer, my prospects for post-graduation employment are about as promising as something said during a presidential campaign.

5. I’ve heard about the North/South divide. What is that like? Which side is better?

God, just because I’m wearing a shirt with a confederate flag on it doesn’t mean I’m a racist. Maybe I’m just a Skynyrd fan. Wait, sorry. You meant North and South CAMPUS. Idk, get a fucking bike.

6. If you could spend a day in the life of a member of the NU community, who & why?

Uh, Chester Hanks, hands down. I want the support of both the Twittersphere and the Northwestern community in the event that I misplace my iPad (or any of my various Apple products).

Activities Chart

Please fill out the following chart to the best of your ability for next year’s availability (2013-2014 academic year)

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.08.01 PM

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