Sophomore Now “Culturally Aware” After Drinking Two Tecates

5 May

EVANSTON– Weinberg sophomore Alex Jacobs said he was now much more aware of the significant contributions of Mexican citizens to global culture after downing two lukewarm Tecates in his dorm room on Cinco de Mayo.

“It was probably about halfway through the second 47-cent can of atrocious beer that I realized just how important Frida Kahlo’s 1932 work ‘Henry Ford Hospital’ was to the women’s rights movement and expressed the pain of failure to carry a child to term,” Jacobs said. “And then by the time I had finished the second can, I could really get a greater understanding of the incredible power of New Spanish Baroque architecture.”

The nectar of cultural awareness. Obviously.

The nectar of cultural awareness. Obviously.

Jacobs’ friends said it became clear as he got halfway to a decent buzz that something had changed inside their previously culturally ignorant friend.

“You could just tell that he had become culturally aware,” Medill sophomore Rachel Anderson said. “Earlier in the day he’d been saying how he could never remember what day Cinco de Mayo was, and then all of the sudden he was just going off about how he wants to do his senior thesis on Octavio Paz.”

Jacobs said he couldn’t be sure where his sudden change of heart came from, but he had un poco de una idea.

“It’s the magic of the Cinco, mi amigo,” he said.

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