Sorority Girl Too Busy Spending Time With Pledge Mom To Call Real Mom

12 May

EVANSTON – Weinberg freshman Carrie Kaminsky told sources that she probably won’t get around to calling her mom today, due to the busy schedule she planned with her pledge mom.

“I love my mom. I really do,” said Kaminsky. “I wish I could call her today.  But like, I don’t want to be rude to my pledge mom.  She brought me into this sorority world and it would be inconsiderate of me not to set today aside to thank her for that.”

Kaminsky’s pledge mom, Bienen sophomore Grace Brown, was grateful not only for the opportunity to spend the holiday with her pledge daughter, but for Kaminsky’s important place in her life.

“From the moment I found out I was going to have a pledge baby, I just knew in the depths of my heart that it was going to be a girl,” said Brown. “And when I birthed her, I just knew she was perfect.  I wanted to give her everything in the world.”

“Mostly snapbacks and frat tanks,” added Brown.

Brown reported that the two have a full day of plans, starting with breakfast at Le Peep and ending with ice cream and The Notebook.  Additionally, the girls plan to get a manicure and pedicure together, and then go downtown and “just do mother-daughter things.”

“Yeah, we’ll go, like, walk around Chicago,” said Kaminsky. “Probably take our picture in front of the Bean, because like, every mother-daughter pair needs a picture in front of the Bean.”

When asked if she had a picture in front of the Bean with her real mother, Kaminsky impatiently responded that she didn’t, which is why they want to do it tomorrow.

The mother-daughter pair look forward to being the first people to ever take their picture in front of this Chicago monument.

Brown did express mild remorse that she also wouldn’t be calling her mother today, but announced that she looks forward to calling her tomorrow.

“In my experience, being a mother is all about being understanding, so I think my mom will be fine with me not calling her,” said Brown. “Besides, she of all people should understand that being a mother is all about making sacrifices. The sacrifice I’m making today is not calling her because I need to spend time with my own daughter.”

Brown’s mother could not be reached for comment, as she was busy paying a $17,000 tuition check.

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