26 Ways That Arrested Development Gets Your Life

13 May

1. When you try to hook up with that biddie from The Keg The Deuce, but your stupid roommate won’t leave: 

2. When you signed up for 9am classes every day of the week:









3. When you wake up after going to a crush party and didn’t lose your phone: 

4. When people go door-to-door in the dorms trying to get signatures:







5. When you realize just how badly you bombed your finals but are too emotionally exhausted to have a feeling:

6. When you give a presentation right after another group: 










7. When your TA doesn’t hold office hours or respond to emails: 






8. When your family tries to imitate a chicken without having ever seen one:









9. When you try to figure out how to pay for four years of tuition: 

10. When literally anyone ever gives you free alcohol:










11. When you find out your class has four midterms, a final paper and and a final exam:

12. When you get set up with a date for formal, and they’re in a relationship:

13. When you put ice cream between two chunks of hot cookie bar:

14. When you see a theater major doing anything:

15. When you finish your Chem final: 

16. When your CA says that there is absolutely no drinking in the dorms:








17. When your friend won’t leave the library to buttchug Skol with you:

18. When you don’t get invited to Arlington Downs:

19. When you wake up on Saturday morning in the bed of your lab partner: 

20. When you see someone in the library watching their seventh consecutive episode of Game of Thrones:

21. When you find out that the party has jungle juice:







22. When SESP students try to show you their GPAs:

(This one is a picture. Not a gif. Stop waiting for it to load.)

23. When you go to Whole Foods:

24. When you walk out of your last final:









25. When you’re informed that you puked in a SafeRide the night before:

26. When you’re asked how you feel about Gob: 

7 Responses to “26 Ways That Arrested Development Gets Your Life”

  1. nu May 13, 2013 at 1:50 pm #

    This is incredibly amazing! I feel as though it describes many of my feelings really well.

  2. sadkalsdkasdklasd;k May 13, 2013 at 5:14 pm #

    great list, but fuck your sesp hate

  3. Gakkkk May 13, 2013 at 5:17 pm #



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