Dillo Day In 15 GIFs

29 May

8:00am, alarm clock goes off. You’ve been sitting awake in bed for half an hour waiting. It’s go time:








You try to figure out how to mix your morning preparations with your desire to rage: 

Pretty soon, it’s time to start your super-college pregame with all those friends you have!









Then, you step outside, ready to rage:









As you venture into Evanston, you realize that it’s a magical new world:

When you arrive at the first off-campus party, the scene is slightly startling:

After a few drinks, though, you’re pretty into it:











Finally, you make it to the Lakefill, ready to get your inner Coachella on:

You quickly realize this is not Coachella.

After a few songs, you’re ready to keep drinking but no one else will go with you because despite what we said earlier you actually don’t have any friends:

And as the day winds down, you stay fully in control of yourself because you made good choices:








At last it’s time for bed, with another successful Dillo on the books:

One Response to “Dillo Day In 15 GIFs”


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    […] don’t worry, freshlings; you’ve got Dillo Day to look forward to in the spring, where you’ll get to see a different black musical act preceded […]

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