Mayfest to Students: “June Fool’s!”

31 May
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No comment

EVANSTON – Representatives from Mayfest have announced that there is in fact no headliner for this year’s Dillo Day. The student group’s explanation, detailed in a statement released this morning, admitted that the Dillo headliner was all part of a “June Fool’s” prank.

“Haha! We totally got you!  Suckers!” Mayfest posted this evening on their official webpage.  “This was totally planned the whole time, duh!  We got you guys goooooooooood.”

Northwestern students have been waiting with heavy anticipation to hear who the final, and headlining, act will be for this year’s Dillo Day, to follow performances by Walk the Moon, Danny Brown, Smash Mouth, and Lunice.  The Dillo Day headliner has never been announced this close to the festival itself in over ten years.

“I mean, duhhhhh, of course it’s June Fool’s,” Mayfest added, “June 1st.  Everyone celebrates it.  And that’s what it was.  It definitely wasn’t a widely influential, critically-acclaimed east-coast rap group cancelling at the last minute and leaving every Mayfest member hyperventilating in panic on the floor of Norris.  That’s ridiculous.  Look at our cool tank tops!  Here’s a picture of some grass.”

The post was followed by an Instagramed picture of some grass.

One Response to “Mayfest to Students: “June Fool’s!””

  1. Zapurdead May 31, 2013 at 11:15 am #

    i saw this on my facebook feed and it scared the shit out of me

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