Instagram Enthusiast Shocked To Discover 1977 Also A Year

4 Jun

1977 was weird.

DUBLIN, Ohio – Local 10th grader and frequent Instagram user Olivia Butterfield expressed genuine surprise in her history class this morning when her teacher referenced 1977 as a year in which numerous important historical events occurred, sources report.

“She said that Carter was inaugurated in 1977, and I was like, are you kidding?” said Butterfield.  “The Sutro filter would make much more sense for a historical event like that.  Maybe even an Inkwell, though that would be a much riskier choice.”

When her history teacher, 29-year-old Ohio native John Pinkerton,explained to her that 1977 was the year in which President Jimmy Carter was inaugurated and not the filter through which his inauguration was photographically captured, Butterfield was astounded.

“It was just really surprising that 1977 has another meaning,” said Butterfield. “History is so enlightening!”

“I can’t say I’m really surprised that this happened,” admitted Pinkerton. “The kid is obsessed with Instagram. Last week, she took a photo of a failed exam and put it on Instagram with the caption ‘lolz.'”

Pinkerton was unable to comment on the fact that he follows a 15-year-old girl on Instagram.

While Butterfield didn’t seem to feel any regret or shame about the misunderstanding, she said that she has learned a lot from the experience and has a new-found reverence for the study of history.

“They say that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” said Butterfield, without any apparent context.

Added Butterfield, “Also, what’s this I’m being told about Nashville being a city in Tennessee?”

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