Baryshnikov Completes Enough Credits to Earn Honorary Degree

18 Jun
Baryshnikov would neither confirm nor deny that he also teaches Russian Lit.

Baryshnikov would neither confirm nor deny that he also teaches Russian Lit.

EVANSTON– As of Monday, Mikhail Baryshnikov has successfully passed his courses, allowing him to complete an honorary degree from Northwestern University.  Baryshnikov, 65, satisfied his remaining elective credits as required by the Northwestern institution charter for all commencement speakers’ honorary degrees after his transfer from an honorary graduate program in Russia.

His journey toward honorary graduation has been marred with roadblocks.  After Baryshnikov hit his limit for transfer credits, Northwestern’s Office of the Registrar initially denied his credits from the three other institutions from which he has received honorary degrees.  After some creative paperwork filing, he complied with the undergraduate residency requirement because he maxed his residency units with his study abroad credits.

Upon learning that he will walk with Northwestern’s Class of 2013, the veteran of several nations’ top ballet companies stated ecstatically, “Transferring to Northwestern was a top decision in my life.  Meaning that the education I received from Northwestern and my graduation are perhaps my life’s greatest accomplishments.”

The Academy Award nominee had wanted to take intro level film production classes but was denied because he was a non-major.  Reports showed that Baryshnikov also had a weak grade in a course on the Cold War.  His argument was cited as being unfounded and relied too heavily on personal experiences instead of source texts.

“I saw some real growth in Misha this last quarter,” commented Alice Greenwick, Baryshnikov’s advisor, “and I have no doubt he’s going to make an impact out there now that he’s equipped with a Northwestern skill set, which will give him a leg up with employers.”

When asked about some of his most memorable experiences, the limitlessly capable artist spoke about his contribution to Dance Marathon.  “I did DM but was a little disappointed by the lack of intensity,” remarked Baryshnikov.  “Sure, those kids knew how to shuffle their feet for thirty hours, but me, I danced.”

Commenting on his Dillo Day experience, he noted it was a real highlight when you really experience the friendly nature of Northwestern community and wear a tank top without anybody caring.

“For sure, the best times of my life,” said Baryshnikov.

Baryshnikov will speak to the Northwestern Class of 2013 this Friday, June 13, finally having fulfilled his commitment to Northwestern.

In related news, Dave Coulier, who played Uncle Joey in the hit TV series Full House, is set to give next year’s commencement after 9 years of working toward his honorary degree in Feel Good Comedy.

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