46 Buzzfeed Articles That Will Probably Be Written

24 Jul
Four puppies that think you should reread "The Awakening."

Four puppies that think you should reread “The Awakening.”

  • 16 Semen Stains That Look Just Like Ryan Gosling
  • 30 Adorable Kittens That Will Give You An Erection If You’re Into Bestiality
  • 8 Pictures of Gay Marriages That Will Make You Uncomfortable But You Won’t Say Anything
  • 13 Of The Most Original Colonies
  • The 1 Best Lance Armstrong Testicles
  • 0 Reasons You Love Cleveland
  • 19,000,000 New Yorkers That Will Make You Hate New York
  • 9 Green Day Songs That Play During Your Most Horrific Nightmares
  • 24 Puppies That Don’t Understand Supply-Side Economics
  • 44,689 Reasons You Don’t Live In Mississippi
  • 16 Things That Are Completely Uncontroversial and Not Very Creative
  • 11 Mountains That Are Taller Than You
  • 21 Reasons The Pacific Ocean Is Larger Than The Atlantic Ocean
  • 8 Precious Kittens That Make You Wonder If The Moon Landing Really Was A Hoax
  • 2 UChicago Students Who Have Lost Their Virginity
  • 59 Reasons I Shouldn’t Be Paid To Look Up Fucking Gifs All Day
  • 29 Things You’ll ONLY Understand If You’re From West Central Oklahoma, Like Not Totally On The Panhandle But Pretty Close To It
  • 35 Things You Do With Your Younger Brother Because Everyone Does Them With Their Fucking Younger Brother
  • 12 MTV Shows That Resulted In Sex Tapes
  • 5 Island Nations
  • 63 Bunnies Who Disagree With The Zimmerman Verdict
  • 481 Ways to Make a Meal Out of Fucking Nutella Because You’re Worthless
  • 96 Signs You’re A Dyslexic Pervert
  • 18 Signs That Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Mom Was Right About You
  • 71 Ways To Tell That Someone Unfriended You, Unfollowed You And Got A Restraining Order Against You
  • 14 Historical Figures Who Would Totally Masturbate To Kanye’s New Album
  • 11 Monopoly Properties That Make You Crave Heroin
  • 26 Orange Cats Who Have A MAJOR Case Of The Mondays!!!!
  • 1283 Pictures of Emma Watson Being Too Hot To Be Hermione
  • 14 Different Angles At Which James Franco Could Rub His Forehead On My Vagina
  • 16 Ways To Eat Ice Cream And Cry
  • The 14 Venereal Diseases You Get From Banging a Thai Prostitute
  • 17 Puppy Gifs That Tell The History of White Privilege In America
  • 42 Ballsacks That Totally Look Like Peaches!
  • 33 Things That ONLY People Born In November Of 1991 Will Understand
  • 19 Piles of Dogshit That Look Just Like Margaret Thatcher
  • 37 Signs You Require Oxygen To Survive
  • 63 Llamas Who Welcomed The Pope Back To South America In Style
  • The 16 Most Buddhist Dildoes You’ll Ever See
  • 23 Goats That Are Just BEGGING To Be Sacrificed To Cthulhu
  • 4 Times That Pippa Middleton
  • 12 Disney Songs You Love To Hum While Receiving a Beej From a Coworker
  • 40 Sloths Who Don’t Want To Read Another Word of Foucault
  • The 5 Coolest Countries in the United Nations Security Council
  • 53 Signs You Own A Pair of Shoes

Ross Packingham and Sir Edward Twattingworth III

4 Responses to “46 Buzzfeed Articles That Will Probably Be Written”

  1. Is Everyone an Idiot but Me? July 25, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

    Hahaha, well done! Keep an eye out for when they inevitably do steal some of your ideas off this list…

  2. Anonymous August 4, 2013 at 7:32 am #



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