Sherman Ave Freshman Guide: Living in the Mid-Quads

11 Aug

Seeing “North Mid-Quad” on my housing form was the emotional rollercoaster from hell. I was filled with joy seeing the word “north,” only to crumple into a sobbing ball on the floor when I actually took the time to look up the southern shithole in which I would be spending my first year of college.

Well, prepare yourselves, because I fucking loved living in the Mid-Quads. Mhm I said it… I LOVED NMQ AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT. Sometimes, I even miss living there. Yeah, you heard me right. Below, I’ve listed a few of the things you should know about living in the mid-quads:

SMH at the SMQ haterz.

SMH at the SMQ haterz.

There’s no air conditioning. Contrary to what you’re telling your parents, you won’t actually die without air conditioning. Invest in a big ass fan and prepare to be winded after two flights of stairs. Find other (preferably air-conditioned) dorms in which to pregame because alcohol + NMQ/SMQ = a very sweaty pack of freshmen headed to the frat quads.

Their rooms are small. HOWEVER, there are a lot of great things in such a tiny room and you will make some seriously dysfunctional memories in these small quarters. Some of you will be lucky enough to get a corner room, which is equipped with pipes on the ceiling that are suspiciously convenient to hang bags of Franzia from…

The CAs are generally chill. Last year, one of the CAs consistently smoked weed with his residents. THAT COOL. They won’t care if you’re drunk at 4 a.m. making pad thai noodles in the kitchen, because they’re just as pissed to be stuck in the mid-quads as you are and they feel for you.

The roof is to be taken advantage of. It should be on each of your bucket lists: take your ass to the second floor, climb out the window (preferably not while wearing a Top Gun micro-dress Halloween costume) and experience the glory that is the teeny ass roof. It will become a place of debauchery, mostly for people who are too lazy to find elsewhere to smoke.

Listen up, the mid-quads are dope so stop fucking complaining. Everyone comes together over the fact you live in hell. I mean, is it even legal to make me pay so much and live with so little?!? (Congratz if you’re one of the young’uns, you now have overhead lighting! Baby steps.)

But in all seriousness, I met my best friends in the mid-quads and I now live with them in much less shitty, air-conditioned housing. Take the time to cry yourself to sleep at night, but then get over it. Cause you’re in college now and the mid-quads will be the least of your problems.

3 Responses to “Sherman Ave Freshman Guide: Living in the Mid-Quads”

  1. No October 20, 2013 at 5:32 pm #

    We have a roof?


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