11 Adorable Bunnies Who Don’t Understand Why Urban Meyer Harbored A Serial Killer

1 Oct

1. “As it’s become clear that Aaron Hernandez may have been involved in at least three murders, does Urban Meyer feel any responsibility for mentoring this man?”

2. “How could Urban Meyer not have noticed a morally vacant Dexter playing on his Florida team?”

3. “Was winning national championships more important than keeping a deranged murderer away from the general population?”

4. “What exactly was Urban Meyer’s role in covering up drive-by shootings and assaults that Hernandez (may have) carried out at UF?”

5. “Did Urban Meyer really think that these were isolated incidents?”

6. “Was Urban Meyer aware of Hernandez’s alleged use of Angel Dust and did he ever consider that it could be part of an overall trend toward unrepentant violence and drug abuse?”

7. “When Urban Meyer vouched for Hernandez to Bill Belichek, was he simply trying to pass along a problem over which he had lost all control?”

8. “When 41 of the 121 players on Urban Meyer’s 2008 National Championship team have been arrested, where exactly does the buck stop?”

9. “Did Urban Meyer really believe that having Tim Tebow intervene would be enough to stop this he-devil from unleashing his carnage wherever he goes?”

10. “While it was nice of Urban Meyer to read scripture to Hernandez, should the police have potentially been notified about the numerous violent and drug-related incidents?”

11. “At what point did Urban Meyer realize that he was covering for a savage killer and how long did it take for him to rationalize his behavior out of a desire to win?”

3 Responses to “11 Adorable Bunnies Who Don’t Understand Why Urban Meyer Harbored A Serial Killer”

  1. Jack G October 1, 2013 at 10:35 pm #

    Then without notice, Hernandez grabbed the bunny from Coach Meyer’s hand, bit its head off and spit it out at Meyer’s feet. Wiping the bunny’s blood from his chin with the back of his right hand, Hernandez was heard to say ” what you think of me now coach?” Witnesses confirm that Meyer made no verbal response, but was thought to have thrown up a little into the back of his throat. Witnesses also confirmed that Tim Tebow tried to clean up the bloody scene after the incident. He pried the headless bunny from Hernandez’ quivering hand and threw it toward a nearby waste basket, missing horribly, and striking an already shaken Urban Meyer in the back of the head. An onlooker reported that Tebow’s throwing mechanics were all wrong. “His release was a joke. His elbow dropped and he had poor follow through. Don’t even talk to me about his footwork” lamented the onlooker. “He has no business throwing a dead bunny in a locker room”.


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