APPLY OR DIE (a friendly reminder from the good folks at Sherman Ave)

1 Oct

It’s no secret that there are some pretty great perks to being a Sherman Ave writer. Here are 25 of them. Apply here.

Want to know what we Googled to find this picture? Apply and find out!

  1. Free Chipotle every third Wednesday of the month

  2. Autographed picture of Steve Buscemi to hang on your wall

  3. Custom voicemail message recorded by Morty

  4. A direct ticket to that circle of hell that only shows Dennis Quaid movies

  5. Alcoholism

  6. A date with Pippa Middleton, Emma Watson, or Jennifer Lawrence; gentlemen’s choice

  7. 52 new facebook friends

  8. 736 new facebook notifications (per hour)

  9. Complete box set of all 6 seasons of Sex and the City, including both movies

  10. Clone of yourself to go to class/work/family reunions for you

  11. Subscription to the Steak of the Month club

  12. Your parents’ disapproval

  13. Advance copies of the next 3 seasons of Game of Thrones

  14. The snake Britney danced with on stage during the 2001 VMAs

  15. All photographic evidence of your awkward preteen years destroyed

  16. Voice lessons from Ashlee Simpson

  17. Ryan Gosling. Just. You get him. To keep

  18. Candy Crush cheat codes

  19. Sexually awkward interactions with other staff members

  20. Government shutdown

  21. One way ticket for the Kardashians to Jupiter

  22. Nickelback concert tickets

  23. This t-shirt

  24. A million dollars worth of Kraft Mac and Cheese

  25. Your own DJ Roomba

Seriously. Apply.

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