15 Reasons Why You’re Skipping Class Today

16 Oct


1. Searching for that grade-A Miley sideboob on Google Images

2. It’s kind of cold and you have a blanket on and yeah Steve, we all know it’s only like a five minute walk to class and we’re here to go to school but would you just shut the fuck up and let me lay in bed

3. Just discovered Parks and Rec on Netflix

4. Seemingly nice guy you met at a frat party on Saturday still has you tied-up in his basement

5. Refusing to go to class until government shutdown is over

6. I don’t know, masturbating? Some people just have other things to do

7. It’s your mom’s birthday and you’ve always been a huge disappointment to her and the rest of the family, so why not really rub it in?

8. Can’t seem to find the best way to punch that hooker in the face in GTA V

9. Broke down and tried all three of Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos last night and you just need to take a little time to think about what you’re doing with your life because things really aren’t looking good. Things rarely do after spending 7 hours on a toilet

10. Cocaine addiction is a full-time job.

11. Class doesn’t allow laptops and Buzzfeed posted 23096 new puppy gif articles you need to look at

12. Just can’t take another second of listening to that bitch Marie rant about how much she hates the patriarchy and the inherent unfairness of society in the MIDDLE OF THE GODDAMN PHYSICS LECTURE, OF ALL PLACES

13. You’re a theater major doing method acting for your one-man-show about a guy who just hates going to class

14. You’re just fucking fed up, ya know? Like, why are we in school anyhow? This whole thing is stupid.

15. Because fuck you, that’s why

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