The Theater World’s Best Drinking Games

18 Oct

Theater majors love to party. We all know that. I don’t know if you have been to a theater party (nor would I remember if you have), but there are some pretty insane drinking games that they play. Accordingly, we will now give you a break from our normally scheduled heinousness to share some of the more interesting drinking games of the theater world.

Ignore this.

1. Zan

Rules: Everyone sits in a circle. One person flips a quarter onto a piece of paper. Where that quarter lands draw a circle around it with a 1. That person then chooses a rule for that number and writes it on another piece of paper. Then the next person in the circle flips a coin on the first piece of paper and if it lands on the 1, they do rule 1. If it lands on blank space, they make a new rule. And so on.

Results: Zan is magic because it only is as bad as you let it be. If people wanna get naked and have a kiki, they can make the rules for that. If people wanna just get plastered, the rules can be made for that. But yeah people might end up naked.

Playability: For non theater majors, 4.5/5 disappointed girls making out with gay guys

2. Superlatives/Wiggly Wiggly Worm

Rules: One person chooses a superlative. Every other person wiggles their pointer fingers until they decide who in the room most fits that superlative, after which they leave their finger erect in the air. Everyone then points at the person who most fits that on the count of three. Whoever has the most people pointing at them chooses the next superlative.

Results: You get to learn what everyone thinks of each other. Once I learned my roommate used to be a Chippendale’s dancer when he voted for himself as most likely to at one point be employed as a stripper. So yeah that is a thing.

Playability for non theater majors: 4/5 Beyoncé riffs

3. Beer Ball

Rules: Split up into teams of two and stand at opposite sides of a beer pong table. Each person places a beer in their corner. One person throws a ping pong ball at one of the opposing team’s beers. If it hits, the thrower chugs until the other team can find the ball and put it back on the table. Then the opposite two players go and so on. First team to have both people finish their beers and turn them upside down over their heads wins. Also if your beer gets knocked off the table you have to add another full beer as a penalty once you finish your first one.

Results: Unless you shame people into not being dicks with this game a lot of people will get pissed. Also you get really drunk. Great to play in messy living rooms where ping pong balls get easily lost. Theater majors started playing it when beating everyone in beer pong and drinking got boring. Once someone poured two and a half beers on his head so he technically won. Dick.

Playability for non theater majors: 5/5 viewings of pitch perfect

4. Cheers Guv’nor

Rules: Everyone sits in a circle and counts off from 1 to 21. When it goes all the way around the circle, everyone says “Cheers, Guv’nor” in their worst British accent and drinks. The last person to count adds a new rule having to do with a number (e.g. instead of 5 you have to talk about your childhood insecurities). If someone fucks up you start over. And just to mix it up at the beginning, you say 14 instead of 7 and 7 instead of 14.

Results: This game is fun till everyone is too drunk to count. Also that one asshole is going to show up late or wasted or both and not know any of the rules. Usually that asshole is Ross Packingham.

Playability for non theater majors: 3/5 bitchy glares after cast lists come out

5. Postman

Rules: Okay, so this one is complicated. You need a ton of paper and writing utensils. In the first round everyone gets a piece of paper and writes a question on it, then folds it in half and writes the name of the person in the room who they want to answer the question. All the paper goes to one person who is the postman. Then that piece of paper is taken to the person to answer the question, who writes their answer and scratches out their name, then returns it to the postman. The postman then reads aloud all the questions and answers but no one knows the names. For example – I write a letter that says “do you think Ross Packingham is hot?” and send it to Sperry Mae Woodpecker. She writes her answer (“oh god no. please no I would rather die. Lord smite me now”) and scratches out her name. Then the postman reads the question and answer to everyone.

Results: You get to ask someone a question and they don’t know you asked it and no one knows how they answered it. So its basically like formspring for drunk adults. Great for finding out something you are too afraid to ask someone in person, you worthless sack of shit.

Playability for non theater majors: 2/5 a cappella groups that you don’t care about

6. Flip or Dare

Rules: Everyone gets around a table with a solo cup with a flip cup amount of beer in it. Someone comes up with a dare and the last person to flip has to do it. Repeat until blackout.

Results: This one is a Sherman Ave favorite. The more creative your dares, the more fun it gets. Use your imagination and let your dreams come true.

Playability for non theater majors: 5/5 blacked out freshmen at fundy party

Honorable Mention: The Kaiser Wilhelm Game

Rules: Choose the person in the room you are most attracted to, the person you think is most attracted to you, and the person you know the least. Make out with all three of them.

Results: Nothing good. Lots of mono. Lots of awkward mornings. Lots of girls being cute by choosing their best friend.

Playability for non theater majors: 0/5 closeted gays

Please be safe if you decide to test these out. Theater majors get a bit crazy sometimes.

2 Responses to “The Theater World’s Best Drinking Games”

  1. ParrtyCat October 18, 2013 at 5:01 pm #

    whoa was this written by a theatre major

  2. Calvin March 23, 2014 at 10:29 pm #

    Good read. I have a site dedicated to drinking games like these. I’ll be adding a couple of these to it. feel free to pass through

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