Sherman Ave Goes One Full Month Without Mayor Tisdahl-Themed Column

5 Nov

EVANSTON, Ill. – As of noon local time today, local college-based humor site and Northwestern cultural touchstone Sherman Ave has not published an article about Elizabeth Tisdahl on its page for one entire month – the longest amount of time ever between Tisdahl-themed articles.

The website, founded by Evander Jones in 2010 that has amassed nearly 1.5 million views since its founding (1.49 million of which were generated by one article), has more often than not relied on criticizing and making jokes at the expense of Tisdahl, the current mayor of  the city of Evanston, for her somewhat strict policies towards under-age drinking and general ambivalence towards Northwestern University.  However, Jones expressed his happiness in the website setting such a milestone.

Jones recalled the days when writers "would just look at this picture for hours laughing their asses off and high-fiving each other."

Jones recalled the days when Sherman Ave writers “would just look at her picture for hours laughing [their] asses off and high-fiving each other.”

“This is the greatest day in the history of the Ave,” said Jones in a statement. “Even greater than that one day where we got drunk and partied.  Drinking is awesome.  Uh, but like also, um, not only are we moving forward as a website, but our humor is also evolving with the ever-changing culture of this school.  We certainly have some bright days ahead.  And totally wasted days amirite?  Also #GetFuckedOSU.”

Jones stated that, in the early days of the website, Tisdahl was one of the only topics writers were allowed to cover, in addition to The Keg, fucksaws, and hyperbolizing Morty Schapiro.  However, he explained that the website, now almost in its fourth year, is finally coming into its own.

“Things were definitely different back then,” Jones continued, “at one point last year we published twenty-four Tisdahl articles in one month.  That’s like, maybe a few too many.  I mean, they were all fucking gold, but still I think some people didn’t think it was as hysterical as we did.

“But we’ve added a bunch of new writers this year, which leads to new perspectives, and so like, we’re finally reaching a point where we can move away from recycling the same stale, unfunny, and over-used jokes, and actually think of new things to say – much like how Klondike Bars® add a refreshing twist to the savory combination of ice cream and chocolate.”

Jones also added, however, that the site will continue to publish as many articles as possible about Schapiro, because “everyone knows those are fucking hilarious and I can honestly never ever see jokes about him becoming over-used.”

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