Hey Everybody Look at This Funny Video I Found That No One Else Has Talked About Yet

25 Nov

Hi everyone.  Prince Giblets here.  Hope you’re all wrapping up with school stuff and are nice and ready for Thanksgiving.Bound 3

I’ll make this quick.  I just wanted to tell all of you about this really funny video I just found.  It’s with the fat guy from Freaks and Geeks and then the – well, actually, let me back up. 

So there’s this guy Kanye West, and he’s married to this girl named Kim Kardashian, right?  So Kanye West is a rapper and released a music video for this song he sings called “Bound 2.”  It’s kind of a goofy video.  Here, I’ll let you watch it.

It’s silly, right?  You know, because of Kanye West’s shirt, and the kind of zany green screen.  It reminds of – well, I don’t know.  I can’t think of what it’s like.  Or like I can’t put it in to words.  You know what I mean.

But so anyways, Seth Rogen and James Franco, who are both actors, did this thing where they re-created that video.  It’s like basically shot for shot.  And because Seth Rogen is so fat and shirtless and because they kiss on the mouth a few times, it has a pretty great comic effect.  Honest.  Here, watch it.

So this is an awesome video.  And the cool thing about it is, I haven’t really seen anyone talking about it yet.  As in like, tweeting about it, or sharing it on Facebook, or any of that.  Now, I just recently tweeted about it a little while ago, but since I’m something of a tastemaker, I decided to let you guys all know about it before it gets big.

You’re welcome.  There’s actually a good chance it never gets big – the fact no one’s really talking about it at all probably indicates it’s going to be a smaller scale thing.  But now I’ve told you about it, and now you know about it, so you’ve gained some pretty great cultural capital.

So that’s it.  Have a nice day.  If you guys want to watch some more undergroundish kind of videos, well, this is a good one to start with.

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