Cosmo’s 7 Tips for a Sexy Thanksgiving

27 Nov
I'd hit that.

I’d hit that.

Thanksgiving is a time for family and togetherness, but it’s also a time for loving. Check out some our top tips for making your Thanksgiving the sexiest one yet.

Breakfast in Bed

One of the sexiest things you can do for your guy is shown him that you care about him – and what better time to do that than Thanksgiving. Show your man how thankful you are for him with a Thanksgiving breakfast in bed. It will be sure to pay off later.

Sexy Native American Costume

If you’re looking to get a little risqué with your Thanksgiving loving, try out some relevant holiday role play. Be the Pocahontas to his John Smith, or switch it up and have him be the Massoasoit to your…uhhh…pilgrim lady. This may be a bit of a crazy way to re-enact the first Thanksgiving, but it won’t be the last time your try this.

Turkey Twister

The holidays are a great time to take a break and have some carefree fun, and what better way to do that than with a sexy game of Twister. Put on your best lingerie and grab a mat for this fun not-just-for-kids game. To add a little twist to your Twister, you should scatter some Turkey and grease around, that way you’ll be slipping all over each other.

Cranberry Sauce Bath

Make your Thanksgiving wet and wild with this little change to traditional bathroom sex. Fill a tub with cranberry sauce and invite your man to take a dip with you. The gelatinous mix will add a glisten to your bodies and you’ll both be red with passion.

Mutual Mashturbation

Is your guy always underwhelmed by your handjobs? Not anymore! Slather your hand in mashed potatoes before reaching down your man’s pants and giving him a Thanksgiving gift he won’t soon forget. The added texture and friction will really get him going, and it will leave him craving another starchy surprise.

Sex on Thanksgiving Table

Guys love risky sex. Whether it’s outside or in a movie theater, that added danger can really add another level to the sexual experience. So this Thanksgiving, add a little risk to your sex life and try it out on the Thanksgiving table. Your man will be driven crazy knowing that your cousins, his father, or even his 87-year-old grandmother could look up from there meals any second and see you going at it on the dining room table. There’s a very slight chance you get caught, but that’s what makes it exciting!

Thanksgiving Threesome

A final surefire way to spice up your Thanksgiving is to add another person to sex equation. And in the spirit of the holiday, who – or rather, what – better to add than a live turkey. Bringing in a turkey will for your Menage à Trois will give your man a chance to explore himself sexually in a way he’s never done before, and you’ll get to experiment right along with him.

Look out ladies, this Thanksgiving  is gonna ruffle your guy’s feathers in the best way possible!

Other Options That Didn’t Quite Make The List: Asparagus Anal, Stuff Yourself, Basted Bodies, The Parent Trap, Speaking Exclusively in Wôpanâak (The Language of the Wampanoag Tribe)

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