Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Just The Pick-Me-Up Girl Eating Donut While Studying For Finals Needed

11 Dec
She's thrilled we included this image too.

She’s thrilled we included this image too.

DATELINE–At a table in Norris littered with empty pizza boxes, candy wrappers, and tears.

(AP)- As economics major Valerie Snell shoved a donut in her mouth, bringing her daily calorie count up to 3,562, it was as if the universe answered her prayers when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show began to play on a nearby television.

Snell, who has four finals in the next two days, not to mention a paper due on Friday that she hasn’t even started, has been awake for 28 of the last 36 hours, and only cried two three times.

Pausing from her studies Snell, who hasn’t had the time to shower in three days and is still wearing a sweatshirt with a stain on it from where she spilled and then licked off blue cheese dipping sauce for her chicken wings last night, watched as scantily clad women depicting a completely unrealistic ideal of the female body that is far beyond what is healthy or attainable for the average human paraded down a runway.

As of press time, Snell has now only cried four times today.

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