Five Reasons Why The People Who Smoke Your Weed Think You’re The Best

23 Jan

You’re the best. Like, the fucking greatest. You have no idea. However, your high friend – you know the one – has several ideas (only five of which are “Bring back the Oreo pizza”). Those ideas: all the reasons why you’re “dope as a mug.” We managed to record the most important ones here, so you know how “freaking great” you are.

1. You Just Get It
Like, nobody knows how you do, but you just fucking get it, you know? Like everyone seems to be like “what’s that?” “what do you mean?” and you’re all just like “yeah, I get it.” It’s pretty fucking cool. Some people spend their whole lives just, like, trying to understand these things and you’re somehow like right there with it the whole way. It’s crazy. Sometimes it’s like you don’t even realize where you are but then other people talk to you and they’re like “woah” and you don’t even know why, which is just super cool because you don’t even rub it in their faces like the rest of us would. But you know better. You get it.

2. You’re So Real
Everyone always wastes so much time with all this fake bullshit and stuff that doesn’t even matter, but you’re just so fucking real. You don’t just sit there thinking ’bout all that stuff that’s just going to be gone the next day. No, you’re right here living in the now. You’re not all caught in what everyone wants from you and you just want you and everyone around you, you know? You’re just there and that’s awesome because it’s great to have someone there who’s so real.

3. You Don’t Expect Anything
We all love coming over and chilling so much because there’s no pressure here. We can just be here and be ourselves and that’s like totally cool. Sometimes I think that you just might be off in your own little world and you don’t even think about us, but I know that you’re just so cool with everything that it doesn’t even matter because you’re just good with everything. You just let everything be and it’s just really nice to not have to deal with everyone just wanting something out of you because everyone’s just looking for their next fucking thing, and it’s kind of ridiculous.

4. You’re Always There For Everyone
Nobody knows how you do it, but you just seem to be there whenever anyone needs you. Like, in any situation, you just know how to help people. Like that one time with Karen. Man, nobody knew what to do there but you just took care of it and everything was cool and it was so great. It’s like you just understand people in a way that other people don’t and you can just help. It’s so awesome.

5. You Still Have Weed, Right?
I know this might be a weird time to ask, but you still have weed, right? Like we don’t mean to impose, but you’re always so cool and helpful and accepting and everyone would all love to come and chill sometime. Everyone has such a good time at your place and we should totally have a sesh soon. I’ll definitely cover the next time, I’m just running a little low right now. You get it. Of course you do. You’re the fucking best.

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