Northwestern Student Not Sure What Jacket to Wear

14 Mar

EVANSTON, IL – As the temperatures finally increased above freezing, Northwestern students were faced with a new set of anxieties.

Sidewalks became moats as the 2 feet of snow from the heinous nightmare of a 5 month winter finally started to melt, allergies began to spread, and worst of all, the decision of what jacket to wear became increasingly difficult.

Weinberg Sophomore Ethan Hall spent 15 minutes alternating between staring into his closet and checking his Weather app on his iPhone trying to decide what coat to wear.

File:Snow melting in Pirita.JPG

Okay, guess I’m swimming to class now.

“If I wear my winter coat, I’ll be like, sweating by the time I get to class,” Hall noted. “But if I wear a lighter jacket, I’ll probably be too cold.”

The dilemma was complicated by the fact that all Northwestern University buildings blast the heat when it’s below 43 degrees and blast the air conditioning when it’s above 43 degrees.

“The high of the day is 45, so does that mean I’m going to be too warm at the beginning of the day and too cold at the end of the day?” Hall wondered. “It’s these kinds of things they should really warn you about in the brochures.”

Hall’s other more minor concerns included whether or not he would need to wear boots to class or if he could just kind of step around all of the puddles on the sidewalks.

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