Student Beats 2048; Everybody Cares

20 Mar


EVANSTON, IL – The entirety of Core in University Library broke into vivacious applause late last night after Weinberg Sophomore Jeff Hudson completed the viral online game 2048 during a nine-hour study break. According to those within the library, everybody cared, a lot. No really, they emphasized, literally everybody gave a shit that someone moved tiles around on a screen long enough to form a slightly different tile.

Asked for comment, Hudson replied that he would, “get back to [us] after he was done posting an identical fucking picture online as what everyone else had posted;” but he did comment that he was, “very proud,” to have completed a 4×4 puzzle created by a nineteen year-old.

The game’s creator, Italian teenage puzzle-maker Gabriele Cirulli (who is apparently not the architect from Inception), reached out to Hudson to congratulate him. “Congratulations  for finishing that game, it took me literally about ten minutes to make. No, really, I basically forgot that it existed. You must have been a real savant to solve that one. Please, brag about it to everyone.”

2 Responses to “Student Beats 2048; Everybody Cares”

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