General Heinous

It’s Thanksgiving: The Nicole Westbrook Story.

No Shave November: A Beginner’s Guide to the Weeks Ahead.

Cobra Lederham’s romantic retrospective on Fall Quarter.

I am the Smelly Roommate.

White People: No longer cool enough? The real story behind affirmative action.

50 Shades of Purple, Chapter Two: The Battle for the Keg.

Brother Jürgen and Evander Jones trade emails on all things sports, culture, and Chet Haze in the first iteration of Furor Scribendi.

50 Shades of Purple, Chapter One.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the women’s fraternity Zeta and the Mexican drug cartel los Zetas.

In honor of Miley Cyrus liking sex, Eleanor Kinkervoss made Miley Cyrus-themed madlibs!

Commandant Leo Sextoi’s suggested children’s books for celebrities to narrate.

Sir Twattingworth reveals the ancient secret to the art of #YOLO.

ParrtyCat provides a general summary of what Pottermore is. Read the whole article and you’ll see what house she’s in!

Brother Jürgen Taintsdorf reacts to Morgan Freeman’s plan to marry his granddaughter, and breaks the Sherman Ave record for most Axl Rose references in the process.

Professor J. Reginald Vandernips explains the haunting similarities between stalkers and foreign language textbooks.

An open letter apology to the Skokie, IL Chuck E. Cheese Franchise.

Eleanor Kinkervoss on the REAL reasons that potential employers want your Facebook password.

Editors Ross Packingham and Evander Jones have created the official Sherman Ave Drinking Decathlon.

Manua Hiki-Hiki on what you’re really doing in College.

Ross Packingham on the three facebook atrocities that the elderly regularly commit.

The key to libel? Small penises!

Chapter two, part four of Heaven’s Gate has arrived.

ParrtyCat uses her telepathic powers to see into the future to determine her monthly horrorscopes.

Apparently Ross Packingham just doesn’t like Wednesdays. Or diabetics.

Professor J. Reginald Vandernips on the excruciating ordeal of air travel home for the holidays.

In the first installment of the “Things That Suck” series, Brother Jürgen Taintsdorf offers a fiery invective against coffee.

Manua Hiki-Hiki and Sad Bones Malone trade jabs regarding the complex subtleties of the sexual base system.

Part 2 of Dr. Tattersail’s tail.

Our first foray into literature, featuring the work of Dr. Tattersail.

Simon Kamerow visits Melissa Hart and comments on the impermanence of life, yogurt, and porn stars.

After an extensive spree of Monopoly contests at Sherman Ave headquarters, Ross Packingham offers his list of the five special editions of Monopoly that would never sell.

Eleanor Kinkervoss returns from break with an illustrated anthropological discourse on the behavioral conversational trends of motherfuckers, especially “The Shoulder Thing.”

Our 2011 Sherman Ave Readers Poll results are HERE!!!

Celebrate the end of the year with a holiday tradition, the first annual Sherman Ave 2011 Readers Poll.

So proud to introduce new writer Andy Shartwood with his handy dandy guide to surviving New Years Eve.

Ross Packingham on the recently rediscovered four nuisances of being home for the holidays.

Renowned food scientist Eleanor Kinkervoss delves into the five flavours of motherfucker.

Sherman Ave needs YOU! Apply to be a new Sherman Ave writer HERE!

Simon’s visit to the Japanese volcano of Otake rapidly turns into a discussion on pornographic depictions of tentacle rape.

Eleanor Kinkervoss scores an exclusive interview with a real zombie, Mr. Nibbles.

Professor J. Reginald Vandernips, who received a doctorate in Philandering Studies under Newt Gingrich, delves into the worst places to meet a girl.

Simon jumps from chronicling the life of a depression-era skier to a scathing renunciation of Europe in one bold swoop.

20 people who accomplished far more than me (or you) before they turned 20.

Not sure when the Northwestern administration became godless Communist bastards, but refusing to celebrate Columbus Day has to be one of the most heinous controversies this school has ever been involved with.

Our resident premodern architecture expert Simon K discusses the Wikipedia entry on the year 1843 in architecture.

We tell Simon K to visit the Wikipedia page for the North Philadelphia SEPTA Broad Street Line Station, resulting in a darkly amusing musing on that shithole of a train station.

We unveil the most shocking revelations of the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

A quick love letter to our readers, whoever the hell they are. Our guess: cartoon-porn addict freshman with drilldo fantasies and a healthy adoration for Morty.

It was a long, cold, Spring without our stellar reporting. But we’re getting back into the game. And there is nothing stopping us now. Except for that court order…

Chenny Ng celebrates well-intentioned, yet utterly useless, Facebook activist campaigns.

Norman “The Sex” Stein hopes to use his “open leg” policy to give up his virginity (among other things) for Lent.

Alison Decker’s Dwombos (daily word combinations) for the week.

Emily Ferber rails against Nir Rosen’s doucheriffic tweets about Lara Logan.

Chenny Ng’s trenchant analysis of what Valentine’s Day is all about.

HEY HEY HEY YOU! ZOMGGG it’s Sherman Ave’s one month anniversary!

A new study shows that only 15% of Wikipedia contributors are women. Sean Lavery implores women to leave the kitchen and edit Wikipedia with his fiery diction.

Should leggings be used in place of pants? Ginger LeatherDream weighs in HERE.

ANNOUNCEMENT: An incomprehensibly important step has been taken today. With the launching of the Sherman Ave prototype, Chicago residents are one step closer to experiencing the most profoundly awesome receptacle of all things that are good.

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