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In Loss and Remembrance: The Value of People

16 Jun

Dedicated to and in memory of Adam “Tre” Such III – Though we were not the closest of friends and certainly did not see eye-to-eye a lot of times, I was in constant awe of your strength of will, your intelligence, and your passion. There are few people I’ve met who I imagined having a more significant impact on the world and who I felt confident about the good that would come out of that impact. You were truly the best of us.

Author Robert Louis Stevenson insisted, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” Reflecting on what I knew and remember about Tre Such, I do not think a single person exemplified this idea more or demonstrated the impact a single life can have more than Tre. From those close to him to those who only knew him briefly, like myself, Tre impacted everyone he met. Whether you were just someone who joked around with him, someone who argued with him, or someone who knew him intimately – you could tell that Tre carried a force of character and will that could not be ignored. He exuded brilliance, a light, which could not be ignored. And regardless of your relationship with him, he let that light shine on everyone, helping some to see solutions to problems and simply warming others. He planted more seeds than anyone could know, and he provided the sunshine for them to grow. Unfortunately though, many people never got the chance to thank him for that light and the world will not have the chance to see Adam Such shine to his full potential; however, we cannot think about what could have been and what is lost. Instead, we must focus on who Tre was and still is to many of us and learn from him.

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