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A&O Productions Announces First Ever “2014 Anal Blowout”

22 Nov

EVANSTON, Il — Northwestern’s premier student event production company has announced a new 2014 Fall event: A&O Productions Presents– A Festive 2014 Anal Blowout. After thousands of students jovially mispronounced or misheard “A&O” as “Anal,” executive members on the A&O production team decided to bring students a gratifying show of anal blowing.

“Everyone was saying ‘We want an anal blowout’ or ‘Give me anal or give me death.’ We take our jobs very seriously. After understanding what our peers wanted, we came to a conclusion: if students ask for anal, we need to give it to them. Well, we specifically on the board don’t have to necessarily give them the physical act of anal. Um,” trailed off Byron Casper, the A&O Production’s chairman, as he began to scratch his neck and sweat profusely. Continue reading