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Ani and Alex Tout Endorsement of Stepdaughter of 1978 ASG Senator

16 Apr

EVANSTON– ASG President and Executive Vice Presidential candidates Ani Ajith and Alex Van Atta announced at a Monday press conference that their ticket had secured the endorsement of the stepdaughter a 1970’s ASG senator.

"When am I getting my guac?" - Samuelson

“When am I getting my guac?” – Samuelson

“We are humbled and honored to receive the support of Claire Samuelson, whose stepfather Daniel Chalmers once represented Allison Hall in the ASG Senate,” Ajith said as his eyes welled up. “It’s just very… it means a lot.”

Ajith stressed that Samuelson’s “friendly” relationship with Chalmers, whom she calls “Dan,” gives her a strong knowledge of how ASG works. Continue reading