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A Beginner’s Guide to Yik Yak

1 May

Hi, New User! Welcome to Yik Yak. We encourage you to read the following FAQs before dedicating hours of your day to our app. We also encourage heavy involvement: don’t be intimidated by successful top commenters like Yak Daniels, Miss Mary Yak, or Yak Yak City. With this guide, you’ll receive self-gratification within minutes of shitting on your school and peers.


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10 Oct

Graphical representation of rushing Sherman Ave.

There is a time in every person’s life where they face a crucial crossing. Two paths, both unclear, but certain to bring different and exciting fates; two paths splitting to carry the soul to new adventures, to triumph or even to demise.

That time won’t be upon any of you right now. All of you reading this currently face only one viable option. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen of the interwebz, SHERMAN AVE IS LOOKING FOR NEW WRITERS!

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