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Bedtime Stories from The Ave

25 Mar

My mother and I found this sparkling piece of literature in the basement of a Chicago elementary school; titled “I Love Mom: Ray’Vs blog,” it was presumably written by one Rayven Charisse Robinson*. We here at the Ave feel a special connection to this young blogger in the infancy of her career, whose powerful perceptions demand no introduction, explanation, or social lubrication to grasp and appreciate. The story truly speaks for itself, if you have the courage to listen to her tales, and view the world through this observer’s intense, insightful, and innocent eyes.

Rayven, if you’re out there, there’s a place on Sherman Avenue for you.

*Despite its affiliation with blogging, Sherman Avenue did not write this. We wish we had started so young; our talents would have been much more finely honed.
Regarding the name of the young grasshopper: There are multiple interpretations of the elaborate calligraphies which spell out the moniker. Read the kid’s handwriting however the fuck you want.