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How To Get Fired From Your Unpaid Internship

13 Oct


I’m a junior in Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. This summer, I got ‘fired’ from my unpaid editorial internship after The Atlantic published an article that I’d written.

That’s the lead. The full story is a little more complicated. I spent this summer writing for a small weekly paper with a tiny, fiercely dedicated staff, downward-spiraling circulation and five editorial interns, all unpaid. Now that print journalism is on its last legs, working for the weekly felt a little like pushing an old lady in a wheelchair. But I liked the creative and autonomous nature of the internship, which meant that I could walk into the office, write about anything that interested me and publish it on a legit site. Could I write about Nicolas Cage and Disney Princesses? Sure. Walk to a park an interview homeless guys about philosophy? You betcha.

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11 Things I’d Do For a Klondike Bar

15 Aug

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I don’t know about you, but I freaking love Klondike Bars®. They are my morning, noon, and night. A frosty cold Klondike Bar® is the wind beneath my wings, taking me higher and higher on a path to glorious ecstasy.

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Companies Begin Bidding War on New Vampire Weekend Songs

9 May

The upcoming release of Vampire Weekend’s new album has incited a bidding war among major American companies, with the feeding frenzy for these hot pieces of Americana will only get more intense as the release date approaches, according to industry analysts.

Some in the industry, speaking on the condition of anonymity to admit they haven’t listened to the album, say that speculated players like Ralph Lauren and Toyota have entered the bidding sphere for the rights to use the songs in ads, and possible spending looks to climb to $10 or even $20 million dollars for the license rights to one of their toe-tapping, wallet-clutching beats. Sources at Bloomberg are saying they wouldn’t be surprised to see the songs enter into an IPO.

Vampire Weekend's 2008 release sold nearly half a million copies, and more than a quarter million chandeliers.

Vampire Weekend’s 2008 release sold nearly half a million copies, and more than a quarter million chandeliers.

Senior VP of Marketing for Ralph Lauren, Lauren Elkins, has already made a statement as to what Ralph Lauren will do with the song: “We’re thinking of taking a sepia-tinted photo montage of a girl growing up in Ralph Lauren clothes to the song Diane Young.” Continue reading