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The Thirst Games: May the Alcohol Be EVER in Your Favor!

28 Mar

There can only be one winner

With the Hunger Games out and about and making waves (Thank GOD it made triple the box office money that any of the Twilight series made), one can assume that we would do only one thing here at Sherman Ave. DRINK TO SUCCESS.

So here’s a handy follow-along reading and drinking guide to the Hunger Games:

2 of any of the cocktails from the most recent Culinary Dorm Corner
Alcohol of any kind. Don’t get something cheap, The Capitol is spoiling us before the Games, right?
Mixers/Chasers – we don’t want you to pull an Amy Winehouse on us.

The Rules
Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever Katniss thinks about Prim
Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever Katniss thinks about Gale

  • 2 if she’s slobbering on Peeta

Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever a plant name is mentioned (unless it refers to a person like Katniss, Prim or Rue, etc)
Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever Katniss bitches about beautification.
Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever Effie Trinket is a shallow cuntwaffle.
Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever Katniss describes the food she eats.
Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever Katniss shoots an arrow.

  • 2 if she misses

Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever Peeta gets pissy.
Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever Katniss assumes she knows what Haymitch is thinking.
Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever Katniss is present when a tribute dies.
Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever there’s a description of the citizens of the Capitol.

  • 2 if their skin is dyed.

Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever Haymitch is drinking.
Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever Peeta is a waste of space and is constantly carried by the Careers or Katniss.
Take a shot of the mixed drink whenever there’s a cliffhanger at the end of a chapter.
2 if it’s at the end of the book.
Drink the cocktail when the Gamemakers change the rules like whiny kids.


Culinary Dorm Corner: Cocktails!!!!!!

19 Mar

How else are we supposed to get our daily fruit requirement?

NOTICE: Just as the Evanston City Council assumes that all Twitter accounts are real, here at Sherman Ave we assume that all of our readers are responsible drinkers who are of legal age.

So in true Sherman Ave fashion, I’m writing this article as I’m five standard drinks in on St. Patrick’s day, which I think everyone can agree is the most heinous of holidays. Or rather, Alco-holidays. Let’s be real, I’m a drunk mess right now. I’m listening to Adele on full volume while I chug hard cider.

Did I mention I’m a ¼ Irish? No? Well, that and the 3/8 Mexican should be swag enough for me to get drunk any day of the week, you judgmental fucks.

Anyway, You wanna make some tasty c*cktails, eh? (are we Canadian now? Idk, bro)


This shit is so good. In the span of 24 hours I’ve made about 4 or 5, and consumed two myself. Regrets? NONE. This tasty little bitch will go down smoother than that Senior frat boy last Saturday.

½ shot apple pie liqueur (EV1 carries a brand called Anthony’s Own. It’s $16.99 a bottle, 25% alc. By volume. QUALITY PURCHASE FOLKS)
Dash of cinnamon. (BECAUSE WE GET FANCY)

Try to throw it back because even though the liqueur is sweet, you don’t want the alcohol to curdle the cream.

Ruin yet another childhood memory with alcohol!

Typically a sling is citrus based, but the tartness of granny smith apple cider will totally suffice, especially if you use the gin I recommend because it doesn’t have a juniper berry base, which makes most gins spicier/more bitter.

½ shot New Amsterdam gin, or other gin if you like sticking it to the man (ME)
1 shot apple/apple pie liqueur
6 oz (half bottle) hard cider (I like Kelly’s a lot, but Woodchuck is sold by EV1, so it’s what I’m using)
1 or 2 oz ginger ale

This shit is a good drink if you want to get drunk but don’t want to be forced into getting a new drink every second. It’s tasty, it’s apple-y and that’s all that counts for me right now. I AM DRINKING ONE OF THESE RIGHT NOW, THAT SHOULD TELL YOU HOW GOOD IT IS.

I don’t even know if there’s some nasty cherry whiskey out there, considering we’ve got cherry liqueur, brandy, vodka, etc, but this’ll fit the bill and go down really smooth. Enough of these and you’ll break whatever holiday it is. Believe me, Sherman Ave broke MLK Day on these.

1 shot of HONEY whiskey (it has to be honey, and I prefer Jack Daniels)
Splash of gold rum
2 maraschino cherries
A bigger splash of the juice from the cherry jar
5 to 6 oz. coke

Be careful with these, please. The last time I imbibed these bad boys my roommate was not happy with their contents being deposited on my bed while I slept on the floor. Then I stole a friend’s camera and had an 11 image photo shoot by myself with a fire extinguisher. This shit is dangerous.

Goes great with skiing, family vacations, and the existential coldness of winter quarter.

The surprise is how drunk you get, you fuck. HAPPY HOLIDAYS? Anyway, this is gonna be a great thing to sip on and get progressively more slutty. I hold no responsibility for your hookups.

1 shot crème de cacao
1 shot bailey’s
1 shot Kahlua
5 oz. rosemary simple syrup (boil 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water, take off heat and throw in a bunch of rosemary and let cool. Take out rosemary and then voila! syrup)
1 shot cream/whole milk.

Pour this over ice. Nothing is better than this, I swear. I’m sorry I can type so well when I’m drunk guys, but really. I made this based on an ice cream flavor at the Bent Spoon in Princeton, NJ, and that shit was really tasty so yeah… This happened.

ANYWAY, I hope you guys enjoy these drinks. Please for the love of all that is holy, do NOT do all of these drinks at once, because you’ll will end up flatter than a opossum crossing I-95. #southernjoke. OH WELL. HAPPY SPRING BREAK!