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11 Shocking Celebrity Deaths of 2014 (WITH PICTURES!!!)

1 Jan

James Franco

The result of a horrible misunderstanding, James Franco lost his life on March 1st during his most recent experimental art piece: The Death of James Franco. Though Franco anticipated that his public autoerotic asphyxiation wouldn’t result in actual death, stating that “art cannot die,” the enigmatic actor lost consciousness and subsequently his life in the “performance.”

James Franco's Last Art Piece. No, really.

James Franco’s Last Art Piece. No, really.

Leona Lewis

Answering the age-old riddle, “If a pop star who doesn’t twerk dies of something that isn’t a drug overdose, does it make a sound?” Leona Lewis was discovered in her apartment seven weeks after her death on October 7, 2014 (cause unknown). Sources reported, “Oh. Leona Lewis. She was a singer right? Is she the one from that ‘Put Your Records On’ song?”

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A 10 Second Guide to Watching the Daytona 500

23 Feb
Alternatively: Sing "The Wheels on the Car Go Round and Round" for the entire race.

Alternatively: Sing “The Wheels on the Car Go Round and Round” for the entire race.

Step One: Do not watch the Daytona 500.

Step Two: If the instructions were unclear and you failed at Step One, try this.

Step Three: Wait for the Oscars.