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11 Pictures You Shouldn’t Fap To But Did Anyway

14 Jun


So sad. Always has me reaching for the Kleenex.

Alas, poor Yorick. I blew him well.

Look at those eyes. She’s begging you for it.

He’ll make ME rise again.

“I never have to worry about teeth during blowjobs!”

What COULDN’T you do with all those holes?!

More cushion for the pushin! *chews lizard seductively*

Nothing sexier than a man with a vacuum.

Ye Olde Badonk

90% chance of flooding…in your panties

Cobra Lederham, Eleanor Kinkervoss, and Doctor Tattersail

Ten Happy Study Breaks For Your Finals Week

10 Jun

1. Pop bubble wrap. Alternately, place bubble wrap under a rug in an area with heavy foot traffic and watch.

2. Purchase a stick of your ex’s deodorant of choice. Apply. Sniff your own armpits and pretend you’re not forever alone.

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