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28 Thoughts That Go Through Everyone’s Head While Waiting for a Delayed Flight

6 Jan

“HEY GUYS WHO WANTS A SLICE OF THIS DICK PIE” – Chicago O’Hare International Aiport

1. “Maybe this delay won’t be so bad. Maybe it’s a chance to kick back and relax for a while.”
2. “Are those payphones over there? Who the hell still uses those?”
3. “Anyone who wears a Hollister shirt and Hollister sweatpants at the same time should stop existing immediately.”
4. “Wait, is that my flight that’s boarding?”

A Very Brief Guide to the Oscars: Best Actor Category

24 Feb
Fucking JACKSON gets on the twenty and all I get is the five dollar bill!?

Fucking JACKSON gets on the twenty and all I get is the five dollar bill!?

Part 2 of Sherman Ave’s last-minute attempt to spread misinformation on all things Oscars in order to emerge victorious in our Oscar pool.

The 2013 Academy Award category for Best Actor in a Leading Role offers four renowned actors the prestigious opportunity to lose to Daniel Day-Lewis. When the world’s foremost statistical witchdoctor says that DDL has about as much of a chance of losing this Oscar as Obama had of losing Vermont, Joaquin Phoenix might want to pursue other avenues for success. Maybe a rapping career? At least this takes the pressure off George Clooney to lose the Oscar for Best Actor until next year.

Anyway, the nominees to lose to the Last Mohican are:

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