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Sherman Ave Freshman Guide: 1835 Hinman

25 May

Gentlemen, these will be the most mediocre days of your lives!

I remember with great clarity the moment that I found out I would be spending my first year of college in the venerable dorm of 1835 Hinman.  I remember going downstairs to use my parents’ computer (because this was the year 2010, and computers had just been invented), I remember waiting 45 seconds for the page to load (we had Comcast), and most of all I remember the first exclamation that rushed out of my mouth.


Living in 1835 Hinman is never considered with great fondness or unbridled excitment, but rather stiff indifference; if it were a film director, it would be Wes Anderson.  When I am old and decrepit, I will not look back on my months spent in Hinman as the “golden” ones, but rather the “bauxite” ones – still of some value, Continue reading