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The Best and Worst Topical Costumes of Halloween 2013

28 Oct

Halloweek is finally here, which means you have just enough time to get your costumes in order! That’s the good news. The bad news? Continue reading

Somali Pirate Feels “Sorry” For American Failed State

15 Oct
"I have no idea how you would negotiate with Ted Cruz." - Somali Pirate

“I have no idea how you would negotiate with Ted Cruz.” – Somali Pirate

“That banana republic?” asks Mogadishu shopkeeper and pirate, Hufan Samatar, with a chuckle, “who would want to move there?”  He takes a slow drag of his cigarette. “What more do I need to say? America is Continue reading

The Bright Side of a Federal Government Shut-down

6 Apr

A Government shut-down on Saturday can’t be all bad, can it? Just because a handful of fuckhead demagogues politicians can’t reach a consensus on how to fund the federal government doesn’t mean that there’s cause for concern, right? Here’s our list of the potential silver-lining benefits of a government shutdown.




[any suggestions for possible positives that can be gleaned from a Government shut down would be greatly appreciated]