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21 Things I Would Do For $1

22 Aug
Let's Scrooge McDuck this mofo

Let’s Scrooge McDuck this mofo

As you may have ascertained from my previous posts about college, I recently graduated. It’s great and terrible at the same time. Honestly I’m a wreck. But that’s not what this article is about. This article is about money.

Unless you’re lucky enough to get a full ride scholarship (smart asses) or your parents are paying for all of your school (rich bitches), you’ve probably taken out a student loan or two to pay for your totally-worth-$50K-a-year education. Unfortunately, once you graduate, they expect you to pay those back. Which kinda sucks, especially if your “real job” hasn’t started yet. This is the situation I’m currently in, and it has left me both broke and bored. So, naturally, I’ve compiled a list of things I would do for $1:

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The 6 Types of People There Are

15 Dec

JLaw, of course, is in a class all by herself. We just wanted to include a picture of her.

JLaw, of course, is in a class all for herself. We just wanted to include a picture of her.

1. People who say “I” instead of “me” in an attempt to appear intelligent, but who really should be saying “me”, given the grammatical context

Example: “People like you and I don’t care about what anyone else thinks.”

These people are liars who a) do care about what everyone thinks, as evidenced by their pathetic attempt to fool others into believing that they passed 5th grade Language Arts, and who b) are actually quite unintelligent.

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